Rise of the Twilight Empire is my persistent D&D game world that takes the default Points of Light setting from the D&D 4e books and runs with it. The world is crumbling and seems to be hurtling inexorably towards doom. This is the story of the heroes who rose up to defy that fate. This is the story of the people who forged the empire at the end of the world.

This game began in 2008 with the release of 4th edition D&D, and the game has since converted to 5th edition. You can read recaps of what took place before in the Adventure Log, though there are a number of gaps so it may not make a ton of sense. You can read up on the world itself in the Campaign Wiki. Some aspects of the setting have subtle differences from the default game, so it’d be worthwhile to double check them, especially the races page, the classes page, the monster page, and the religion page.

NOTE: This campaign uses art shamelessly ripped off from DeviantArt without permission. If you have a problem with me using your art, just let me know and I will immediately cease to do so.

Rise of the Twilight Empire

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