Rise of the Twilight Empire

Arrival in Gorizbadd

Season 5, Session 2

Our heroes returned the giant boar Abigail to Ulthand Deepgem, who was extremely grateful. He rewarded the group with a sack of gems and a map to an abandoned silver mine deep in goblin territory, rumored to be haunted.

Since the storm hadn’t let up yet, the group decided to look for other work in Thunderspire to pass the time. The party approached the Architects of Victory, who had posted a request for hired muscle to retrieve a stolen rod from them which had yet to be enchanted. The party met with Oberith Mishann, who offered a cache of potions and promise of more work if the party slew the kobolds who stole the rod and captured their souls for him. After tracking down the kobolds, a hilariously short fight ensued, and the party returned with the soulgem. Mishann had another request for the party: recover a book called the Liber Molis Exitium (Book of Mass Destruction) from the ruins of the old wizard’s tower in Gorizbadd, and he would craft a magic weapon of the party’s choice in return.

The next day, the storm began to let up and the roads began to thaw. Before the group left, however, Terran was approached by Phaledra Vesna, the priestess of Erathis. She asked that the party recover a relic of the goddess from the ruined temple in Gorizbadd. In return, she promised a blessing from Erathis.

The party visited a provisioner to stock up on supplies, including a new pack horse. Then they set off for goblin territory. They decided to make a detour to investigate the old silver mine before going to the town. Inside, they found a host of undead led by a viciously angry spirit. A couple battles later, the spirit was banished, a cache of silver was found, and Horc found a new weapon, Skullcrusher. Upon leaving the mine, however, the party found a pair of goblin scouts mounted on worgs that had discovered their horses. Both Luen Ying and Horc tried unsuccessfully to scare them off, and the goblins tried to leave with the pack horse. A short skirmish later, and the goblins and their mounts lay dead.

A day later, the party arrived in Gorizbadd. After paying a toll to the gate guards to pass, the party decided to visit Tyristys the dragon first. Finding her lair behind a waterfall, the party approached the sleeping dragon, who woke and invited her guests for tea. She assumed a comely humanoid form, she and the party sat down for negotiations. In exchange for the 10,000 gp writ, she agreed to provide three days of service, though she refused to participate in an extended siege. She provided the party with a talisman which could be used to summon her.

Next, the group decided to investigate the ruined wizard tower. After stumbling through a trap, they arrived in the library. It was guarded by a pair of animated suits of armor which Horc activated by knocking on one of them. Once they were dispatched, the Book of Mass Destruction was found, along with a couple spell scrolls, and a strange tome Luen Ying recognized from his dreams.



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