Rise of the Twilight Empire

Exiled from Hammerfall

Season 5, Session 1

From the journal of Anva’alar

We wake up the morning following our victory over the band of deserters, and overhear of two deserters being hung that morning in the square. Our party goes to investigate and finds that some of the knights are whispering and pointing at us.
Suddenly Content Not Found: yuen-ling (Abe) felt a strong hand on his shoulder, and we were requested to speak with Sir Justin Melenikus in the Temple of Moradin. After speaking with him, he reveals to us that one of the deserters (man wearing the breastplate) was the son of a noble. The noble is very distraught over his son’s death, and is causing unnecessary stress for Sir Justin and the Brotherhood of the Temple Knights. Therefore Sir Justin feels he has to exile our party from Hammerfall for the time being, but would like to send us on a quest that upon success, could lead to the reinstatement of our rights to be in the city. The mission he wants us to complete is getting the goblins and/or a dragon that both make their home in Gorizbadd to side with the Hammerfall. Sir Justin provides us with 50 Gold for our party to get provisions for our trip in addition to a writ for 10,000 Gold pieces to try to convince the goblins or dragon to join. He tells us to go to the Fiveleague House to get our provisions and to rest up before our long trip to Gorizbadd. Since it is only a one-day trip to get to the Fiveleague House, we leave after our meeting with Sir Justin while the day is still young.

Fiveleague House:
We arrive to the Fiveleague House with no problem, and meet Linney Halflocke, the Head of the establishment. We tell her our mission and she tells us of a problem with someone (or something) that has been stealing her livestock. She reveals to us that she sent two of her “boys” to go try to track down this creature, but they have not returned. She makes the offer of giving us our supplies for the journey free of charge. In exchange, we must first find this livestock thief. After she shows us the pen and a little investigation, we find the tracks of the thief and the two boys who went after it. A little ways into the forest, we find the snow and trees stained red, we look around and find a human leg in the snow, severed from below the knee. We continue following the tracks until we find a cave that appears to be housing the thief. Terran (Andrew) sneaks up with stealth he never thought he had, and sees a humanoid like thing vigorously eating a human leg. After setting up a trap at the entrance of the cave, Anva’alar (Antonio) tries to lure the monster out and into the trap, but the trap fails. After a short battle, our party leaves victorious, carrying with us a boot of one of the fallen boys, and the head of the ghoul we slayed.
We show Linney the head of her thief, and when she asks what happened to her boys, we reveal the boot. She seems slightly saddened by the loss of her comrades, but thanks us for taking care of the ghoul. We rest in the 5-League House overnight. We wake in the morning to find a fully packed horse, with plenty of rations and other supplies we may need on our journey. We set off for Gorizbadd.
Day 1 on the road: No encounters
Day 2:
Around midday, we notice a strange shadow above our heads. We look up and see a hippogriff start diving for our supply horse. We try our best to take down the beast before it can take down our extra horse, but it kills it before we have a chance to take down the beast. We eat a meal using the meat of our downed horse, take what rations we can hold, and continue on our journey.
Mid-afternoon; snow begins to fall. We make camp for the night, and hope that the snow passes
Day 3: Morning; snow gets much worse. Our party is slowed on our journey, our party decides to continue to Thunderspire and take refuge there until the storm blows over. We make camp in the wilderness one last night before our final push to the city.
Day 4: Evening; We make it to Thunder Spire. Horc (Eric) and Anva’alar
(Antonio) immediately head to the inn, as they are both exhausted from the journey the just undertook to get to Thunder Spire. Terran (Andrew) and Yeun Ling (Abe) eventually follow the others to the Inn.
At the Inn, Horc finds a dwarf sobbing into his drink. He overhears the man saying; “Abigail” over and over. Upon talking with the man, he finds that Abagail was a Pig that could smell out gems in the mines. He finds out the mans name is Ulthand Deepgem, owner of Deepgem mining. While Terran and Yuen Ling talk to some of the others in the party, they learn of a Dwarven Mining party getting ambushed that day, resulting in the Dispatching of several dwarves, and the stealing of Abigail. We agree to investigate and return the pig, but only for a price. Ulthand agrees. Terran hears of the infirmary at the Temple of Hidden Light being overworked and sees if he can offer any help. After surpassing the nurse’s expectations, he is given a scroll of Bless. Terran returns to the inn to get a small amount of rest before their quest to find the pig the following morning.
Deepgem mines:
We awake the next morning and meet the dwarves at the entrance to the mines. They take us to the spot of the fight and we see Dwarven bodies dismembered all over the floor. we notice that the heads of these dwarves are stacked on top of each other as if to mock the massacre. After checking around a bit, we notice the tracks of what seems to be a LARGE boar. and also find tufts of animal hair around the scene. The dwarves return to work, and we tell them if any trouble happens, to try and find us. We follow the tracks for about an hour or so until we hear the voices and see a flame flickering. Tarren, a master of stealth, goes to investigate. He sees three gnolls, making a fire, and a large pig tied down to the ground. After devising a plan, Terran, Anva’alar, and Yuen Ling are setting up a trap deep in the tunnel as a back up plan in case a confrontation with the gnolls doesn’t go as planned. Horc starts to get into position when the gnolls notice him, they prepare for a fight. Seeing Horc is part orc, they instead invite him to join them in eating the pig. The other members of the party proceed as planned, and Horc betrays the gnolls. Abigail is released during the confrontation, and deals the final blow to the last standing gnoll. Using his ability to talk to animals, Anva’alar calms Abigail. The party returns the pig safely to Ulthand.



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