Rise of the Twilight Empire

Session 3

The Hangover

The recon group under Sgt. Maximillian visited the Dragon’s Teat tavern to celebrate their return to Hammerfall with all their limbs miraculously intact, and to drink to their fallen comrades. Julevive, being an elf, did not hold her liquor well and passed out early. Several thugs of the Iron Circle tried to take advantage of her unconscious state, when her brothers in arms stepped in and a massive brawl ensued.

The toughs of the Iron Circle thoroughly routed, Cog, Grimdark, and Maximillian brought Julevive back to the barracks and turned in for the night. In the morning, they were brought before the Council of Elders to present their case for allowing the Devil’s Teeth to march out in force to scour the countryside for their brothers’ murderer. The elven councilman, Teristel Varthanas, opposed sending the company out, worried that it might provoke a war with the goblins. Tristan Avery, the human councilman, was also opposed to sending out the company, but for different reasons – he was worried that there is a larger game afoot. Dwarven councilman Thoren Brighthammer was for sending the Teeth out in force, as he was more concerned with matters of justice and honor than anything else. Eventually the PCs swayed Avery to their side, and the company was sent out in a 2-1 vote.

There was another problem back at the barracks, however. Julevive had still not awoken from the night before, and upon closer examination, showed signs of having been poisoned. She was near death, but in an act of quick thinking, Maximillian placed his Periapt of Proof Against Poison around her neck, halting the advance of the poison. She still required an antidote, however, and since it was the dead of winter, the only place nearby that it could feasibly be found was in the Bowels of Hammerfall.

So the company descended into the tunnels beneath the city, where the Veil is thin. They found the bluecap mushroom they needed for the antidote near the lair of an Id Fiend. The heroes faced their nightmares, slew the beast, and returned with their prize.



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