Rise of the Twilight Empire

Session 5

An Enemy Revealed

The group decided that the information that the warlock was in Hammerfall was too crucial to waste any time meeting up with the rest of the company and explaining things to the goblins, so they decided to rush back to Hammerfall to inform the council and to hunt the warlock. Sgt. Gaunt’s squad had been left behind to look after Julevive, who the party returned to find awake. While the rest of the party scoured the dwarven quarter, trying to sense any trace of dark magics, Grimdark went to consult with Elder Brighthammer, to explain in private what was going on so as not to embarrass the dwarven community. Brighthammer offered Grimdark a deal: lie, cover up the evidence that it was a dwarf, perhaps even implicating the goblins, and Brighthammer would see about getting his clan reinstated. When Grimdark balked, Brighthammer laughed it off and tried to pass the whole deal as a test of honor.

Meanwhile, a search of one of Hammerfall’s apothecaries revealed that a dwarven manservant had purchased reagents that possibly could be used in summoning rituals. Grimdark rejoined the party, and their search brought them to a brothel in the noble quarter. Grimdark got the madam boasting of her clientele, which included Elder Brighthammer, who had been out of town of late, but had just returned. Alarmed by this information, the Teeth were about to set out to investigate Brighthammer’s estate, but a group of Iron Circle thugs entered the brothel, demanding the arrest of the Teeth on suspicion of treason and collusion with goblins.

Of course the group handed the Circle their asses again, and tried to make their way back to the barracks. However, they found a large contingent of Iron Circle mercenaries taking Sgt. Gaunt’s squad into custody. The group decided it would be wisest to escape the city through the Bowels of Hammerfall so that they might warn the rest of the Teeth before they walked into a trap. Navigating through the Bowels is always tricky, of course, and this time the group felt a distinct feeling of being watched, followed by an Abyssal hit squad being summoned right in front of them. The Veil was rent asunder, and a pair of Abyssal Scavengers and a Beholder Gauth appeared. A desperate battle ensued, but the demons were eventually defeated and the party escaped into the cold winter’s night.



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