Rise of the Twilight Empire

Session 7

Fate is averted, and a plan is hatched

The party received one more boon from Ljota, the Last Frost Before Spring, a counter-charm against scrying, so that their hunter could no longer send demons after them from afar. The party set forth and got to know their strange new companion, Kuanu the minotaur, a little better. They were ambushed in a mountain pass by a pair of bulettes, which nearly chewed Cog to pieces and surely would have killed the remaining pair of Devil’s Teeth, were it not for their beastman companion.

They met up with the main host of the Teeth, camped near the host of the Bone Spear Tribe, nearly 100 strong. After much deliberation with Captain Bell, they decided to share their findings with the goblins, including the information that it was one of the Council of Elders who murdered their kin. Jareth Irontooth, leader of the Bone Spears, managed to barely keep his men in check when they learned this. A hair’s breadth away from war, the Teeth hatched a plan with the goblins: they would split up and search the nearby ruined Nerathi watchtowers in an attempt to catch Brighthammer the next time he left Hammerfall. Their squad was assigned to search the two towers located in the burned elven forest, with Kuanu as their escort.



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