Rise of the Twilight Empire

Sessions 8-12

Shit hits the fan

In the Ashwood, the party found a ruined tower containing a half-burned tree, home of Adrastea, a dryad nearly driven mad from the pain of her home. She claimed to have information about Brighthammer, but first the party would have to do a favor for her: kill the beastmen defiling the sacred pool at the heart of the old elven citadel. The party dispatched the brutes, and Adrastea revealed that she knew the location of Brighthammer’s Pact Stone: the ancient contract that he would have had to swear upon to gain his power. It lay at the heart of the Sword Barrow.

Julevive chose to stay with Adrastea to aid in the healing of the Ashwood, which was already showing signs of new growth. On the way to the Sword Barrow, however, the group came upon a halfling gambler named Forsythia being set upon by Iron Circle thugs trying to collect their debts. In gratitude, she chose to join the Teeth and offer her services as a scout and thief.

The party evaded or cut their way through the copious undead milling about the Sword Barrow, and found the tomb beneath the ruin where the Pact Stone lay. Brighthammer had wards surrounding the stone to alert him of intruders, however, and arrived astride the reanimated corpse of the dragon that killed Sgt. Maximillian with Phalagar in tow. A desperate battle ensued, and the tide was turned only when Cog shattered the Pact Stone by toppling it onto the dragon. Brighthammer’s power was instantly broken, and Phalagar whisked him away with an emergency teleport.

The stone destroyed, the group rendezvoused with the rest of the Devil’s Teeth in Thunderspire. They brought news that Brighthammer’s arcane power was broken, but he himself escaped their grasp. Asking around town to see if Brighthammer had made any stops in Thunderspire, the party learned that he’d met with the local chapterhouse of the Architects of Victory. After being casually dismissed by him, the party chose to beat the information they wanted out of Oberith Mishann. He revealed that Brighthammer had commissioned the construction of a focusing circle for a Slaying Stone. The party realized that he was planning on retrieving the stone from the vaults of Hammerfall and using it to obliterate the goblins of Gorizbadd. The party sent out a group of smugglers with letters to both Elder Varthanas and Elder Avery, warning them not to allow Brighthammer access to the stone.

The party learned that Brighthammer had also visited the Brotherhood of the Red Scales, an assassin’s guild. There, they learned that Brighthammer had hired two assassins on retainer. The party tried to convince the Red Scales to cancel their contract, but an arrow, once loosed, cannot be stopped in flight. The Red Scales always see the job through. So the party tried to hire them to assassinate Brighthammer themselves, but lacked the funds. On the way back to request the funds from the company coffers, the party was ambushed by a group of warforged sent by the Architects of Victory, who were understandably upset that the party had beat up their Chief Magister. They spared their leader, Gear, and Cog convinced him to join the Devil’s Teeth.

Upon returning to camp, the party found that Captain Bell was missing. They tracked him, and found that he had been taken captive by a group of elves, led by Jossi Clearwater. She had been sent by Elder Varthanas to learn the truth of the situation. The party talked the elves down by telling them about the restored Ashwood. The elves left to investigate and conferred a message: that Elder Avery wanted to meet at the Five-League House. The party got the authorization to use company money to hire the Red Scales, and set out for the meeting.



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