Grimdark the Frostbitten

Dwarf Knight formerly of Hammerfal


Grimdark was still fairly young when the treaty Hammerfall and Gorizbadd was made and he was not happy in the least with it. Trained by the knights of Hammerfall, he was appalled at the idea that the political elite of Hammerfall would allow such a thing and shortly thereafter got in touch with a political group working to correct this travesty. He worked with them for a full year before being caught during a riot in which he assaulted one of the nobles who was key in the treaty negotiations. While on trial he was loud, boisterous and arrogant as only youth can be. Had he been a mere citizen, he would have been put to death for treason. However, he was a trained Knight of Hammerfall and death was seen as too kind, so they decided to make an example of him. He was sentenced to have his clan stripped from him by a tribunal and to have the mark of the clanless branded upon his face for all to see. After the trial his sentence was carried out in a public display. Seeing the faces of the crowd, solemn but approving and from all walks of Hammerfall society, he came to the realization that the treaty would not end as long as the goblins kept up their end of the bargain. The citizens of Hammerfall were too weary of the death and fear of the recent wars to listen to the cries of what they saw as nothing more than selfish warriors angry at the loss of their chance to gain glory and prestige in battle. While not required to leave Hammerfall after the sentencing, he opted to leave and wander rather than endure the shame of becoming one of the clanless in the Hammerfall slums.

During the following years Grimdark wandered, helping the occasional village dealing with bandits and the protection of caravans. He had much time to ponder the fate of Hammerfall, and while at first he was bitter, that anger eventually turned to the gods themselves. During this time he studied the history of Hammerfall and the goblin and Beastman hordes and he grew ever more resentful of the god’s negligence and meddling in mortal affairs. While not able to bring himself to hate the worshipers, whom he saw as nothing but pawns, he also had a hard time biting his lip and despises those who he suspected to be taking advantage of the masses. For the time, he has chosen to rant at whomever will listen, but for the most part, he tries to keep his hatred of the “divine” and “infernal” beings to himself to avoid problems at the places he would temporarily settle in.

2 Years ago Grimdark decided to join up with the once infamous Devil’s Teeth Mercenary band. While not quite up to the level they once were, they were not bothered by his clanless markings and accepted him as one of their own. They had become his new clan, no matter their fate, and he received the markings to celebrate it.

Grimdark the Frostbitten

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