Kaia Hearthwarden

First Temple Knight of Moradin


Kaia was a young dwarf girl when she fled the conquest of Hammerfast by Tanguz the Black with a small band of refugees. Their group was ambushed by beastmen, and she witnessed the brutal death of her entire family. She would have been next, had the PCs not stepped in. They brought her back to Fallcrest, where she was left in the care of Father Grundlemar, the dwarf priest of Pelor.

When the people of Fallcrest fled to Hammerfast, Kaia returned, but stayed with Father Grundlemar, and grew up in the temples of Pelor and Moradin. When she matured, she was blessed with divine magics to become Hammerfall’s first Temple Knight. While still young, she has grown to be a competent leader, and when she speaks to the Council of Elders, her voice carries the weight of a woman twice her years.

Kaia Hearthwarden

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