Legendary weapon

weapon (melee)

Requires attunement

You gain a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls while you are attuned to this longsword. You score a critical hit on a natural 19-20. When you hit with the weapon, you may choose to spend one of your hit dice to roll as extra damage. When you roll a natural 1 on an attack roll, Ravenspite deals necrotic damage to you equal to twice your level, but you may then reroll the attack.

Ravenspite is a sentient magical weapon. She has Intelligence 13, Wisdom 10, and Charisma 17. She is also cursed. Once you have attuned to her you may not deattune from her without a remove curse spell. She is intensely jealous of other weapons and grants disadvantage on attack rolls made with any other weapon.


This longsword was wielded by Ezroun, the shadar-kai leader of the Bonebreakers. It was found in the ruins of Raven Roost. When held, the sword grants a feeling of cold fury to the wielder.

Ravenspite was used to destroy the original Deck of Many Things and absorbed much of its power. Her own power and intelligence was increased proportionally, which has done nothing to improve her jealous and possessive nature.


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