Rise of the Twilight Empire

Season 3 Story so far

It is winter, and a patrol of the Devil’s Teeth has gone missing. The PCs squad, led by Sgt. Maximillian, also consists of Grimdark the Frostbitten (a dwarf stripped of his clan), Julevive LeFae (an elven druid and scout), and Cog (a warforged soldier the company found in a ruin, with serious gaps in his memory). They were sent out to discover what happened to the missing patrol before the next big blizzard hit.

The group found the missing patrol dead in the forest, surrounded by goblin bodies, but something was amiss. Namely, the goblins were zombies! And once their ruse was seen through, the zombies rose to try to silence the group. The creatures were dispatched, and the bodies burned. The annals of the company were recovered, and on their way back to Hammerfall, the group encountered a goblin warband led by a hobgoblin named Jareth of the Bone Spears. He had been sent to find a patrol of theirs that had gone missing from Gorizbadd. Conflict was averted on the condition that the Teeth return in a weeks time so that the goblins and the humans could investigate who killed their brethren together.

The trip back to Hammerfall was eventful, though. As the group was crossing a bridge over a partly frozen river, a squat figure clutching a black sword summoned a group of elementals that fell from the sky and smashed the bridge. The PCs fought the elementals while balancing on ice floes and pieces of bridge rushing down the river.

The PCs took refuge in a cave to recuperate and dry off their clothing. As luck would have it, the cave contained a small treasure horde, with no owner in sight. During the night, however, the heavy beat of dragon wings could be heard outside the cave, and the PCs high-tailed it out of there, narrowly avoiding a very pissed off dragon.

They arrived back in town, and made their report to Captain Bell. He announced that the entire company would be mobilizing, because no one kills a Devil’s Tooth unanswered.

Season 2 Recap
The Slaying Stone

Twenty years later…

Hammerfast has been rechristened Hammerfall, and the PCs are a pair of dwarven half-brothers Baern and Baren, their goliath bodyguard Blargg, and Brandis, a wizard who trained under a much-changed Eric Evergreen. They had been summoned by Allia Markelhay, an aging sorceress of little power, and widow of Faren Markelhay, the last Lord Warden of Fallcrest. She told the group of a vision she had of a dark seed in the ruins of Fallcrest… the Slaying Stone, a piece of crystalized murder used to fuel the defense system that destroyed the goblins and beastmen 20 years ago. Her vision also included a group of beastmen searching for it as well.

The group traveled to Fallcrest, where they found the town had been resettled by goblins and kobolds. They infiltrated the town and made their way to the abandoned tower of Nimrozan the Green. There, they met Rort, a goblin nerd who helped them research the stone. They discovered that the stone and the defense system had been engineered by an order of tieflings known as the Architects of Victory.

In their search for the stone, the PCs also discovered that the Severed Eyes, a group of orcish beastmen, were killing and torturing their way through the town as well. They encountered one of their champions, Krayd the Butcher, and ended her life. In the Temple of Sehanine, they met Hoyt Markelhay, a wererat, and abandoned son of Allia Markelhay. He told them that the Slaying Stone was in the hands of Tyristis, a brass dragon. During their search, the group was also aided by Julevive LeFae, an elven druid who had been brought to Fallcrest by a similar vision to Allia’s.

Brandis the wizard was captured by the goblins and brought to the ruins of the keep. There, he was interrogated by Hu Jat, the hobgoblin commander, and Fang the Grey, his lieutenant. Fang, who had ridden with Tanguz the Black 20 years ago, was weary of war, and when Hu Jat proposed slicing off Brandis’s head and sending it back to Hammerfall as a declaration of war, he decided to break Brandis out instead. Hu Jat was killed, and the PCs constructed a ruse using Krayd’s brand to trick the goblins into thinking the beastmen did it. It worked, and the beastmen were driven from the ruins of Fallcrest, or Gorizbadd as the goblins now called it.

Finally, the group met with Tyristis, who agreed to turn over the Slaying Stone to them, on two conditions. 1) It must not fall into goblin hands, for she did not trust them. 2) They must not return the stone to Allia Markelhay, for any mother who would abandon her own child cannot be trusted. The stone must be returned to Hammerfall and placed in the vaults for safe keeping. The group agreed, and the Slaying Stone was theirs.

On the way out of town, the group was ambushed by the remains of the Severed Eyes, who demanded the Slaying Stone. Instead, a battle ensued, and the Severed Eyes were destroyed. The Slaying Stone was returned to Hammerfall, where it lurks to this day.

Season 1 Recap

The story began outside the town of Fallcrest, and an unlikely meeting between four people. Arcturus Pyresmoke, a Shadar’kai warrior, and Adan Oreshaper, a guardsman with a strange ancestry, accompanied Eric Evergreen, a wizard’s apprentice out on a patrol to investigate the disappearance of his master, Nimrozan the Green. On that patrol, they encountered Zelar, an exiled dragonborn prince from the southwestern wastes, and rescued him from a raiding party of goblins.

On the return trip to Fallcrest, the group found a party of refugees that had been butchered by beastmen, and rescued a young dwarf girl, Kaia Hearthwarden, from the marauding orcs. From Kaia, they learned of a disturbing development: the dwarven fortress city of Hammerfast had fallen to a brilliant hobgoblin general, Tanguz the Black.

The group decided to scout out the situation at Hammerfast, and discovered that the bulk of the goblin army had moved on, but a sizable garrison was left to fortify the city and put its people to work. After a successful guerrilla campaign, the party organized an uprising that cast out the goblin oppressors… just in time for the vanguard of a beastman horde to arrive. The battle was fierce and bloody, but at the end of the day, the goblins and beastmen both retreated, and the dwarves held the battered walls of Hammerfast.

The night of their victory, each PC received a dream, a vision of a staff called the Splinter of the Night, forged from the gates of hell in the days of Bael Turath. They ventured into a ruined outpost in the Witchlight Fens, where they fought a band of Shadar’kai who also had been sent to get the staff. The band was led by Alara Nightseeker, Arcturus’s old love, who turned on her band at Arcturus’s kiss. They found the staff, which was guarded by a pair of douche-y angels who were about to kill the PCs, when the bulk of the beastman horde arrived. The angels died holding off the beastmen, while the PCs and Alara took the staff and escaped through the Shadowfell.

In the Shadowfell, they traded the staff to a devil named Beleth for the return of Nimrozan the Green. Upon returning to Fallcrest, the group hatched a plan to destroy both the beastman horde and the goblin army that were converging on the town. They would evacuate Fallcrest and all its people and make for Hammerfast. Meanwhile, Nimrozan would activate an ancient defense system that guarded the town. As the refugees made their way north, they watched their town engulfed in black lightning, and heard the howls of pain and surprise from miles away.

Of course it’s never that easy. Neither army was fully destroyed, and the goblins were on the run from the beastmen. They followed the refugees north, through the Grey Woods of the elves. The beastmen set fire to the forest, and it was only through the intervention of the elves that everything was not lost. The elves joined the refugees and arrived in Hammerfast with them. An uneasy alliance was forged.

Tanguz arrived at the gates of Hammerfast ahead of the beastmen, and the two sides decided to join together to fight off the horde. The beastmen were destroyed at great cost, including the lives of Tanguz the Black and Adan Oreshaper. Arcturus, Zelar, and Eric Evergreen disappeared through a portal to the Abyss, where they broke the demon general of the beastman army’s power, and they have not been seen since that day.

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