Tag: Dwarf


  • Kaia Hearthwarden

    !http://www.wizards.com/dnd/images/4new/galleries/PlayersHandbook_art/img/114179_CN_GL.jpg! Kaia was a young dwarf girl when she fled the conquest of Hammerfast by Tanguz the Black with a small band of refugees. Their group was ambushed by beastmen, …

  • Grimdark the Frostbitten

    Grimdark was still fairly young when the treaty Hammerfall and Gorizbadd was made and he was not happy in the least with it. Trained by the knights of Hammerfall, he was appalled at the idea that the political elite of Hammerfall would allow such a thing …

  • Ulthand Deepgem

    Owner of the Deepgem Mining Company, a group of prospectors operating out of [[Thunderspire]]. Ulthand has a giant boar named Abigail that he loves deeply and has raised to operate as a mount and pack animal.

  • Kardek Iceshod

    The dwarven delegate chosen to replace [[:thoren-brighthammer | Thoren Brighthammer]] after his death. He is soft spoken, with a cold, calculating mind and an eye for profit. Despite his cool demeanor, is often hawkish, favoring radical ideas and action.

  • Rurik

    Rurik is the commander of a company of mercenaries known as the Iron Hand. They were largely slaves who escaped from the House of Chains. After a disastrous mission against goblins in the service of Hammerfall, the company made their way out west. After …