Tag: Fey


  • Ljota, the Last Frost Before Spring

    Ljota is a strange and capricious creature, like all her kind. She loves a good story, and has oracular powers. She is liberal with gifts with those who entertain her, and deadly to those who bore her. She is a duchess in the [[Winter Court]].

  • Adrastea

    !http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2013/013/c/6/mad_dryad_by_igreeny-d5rcstc.jpg! A spirit of the [[Ashwood]], driven mad by its destruction. Her mind has begun to heal as the forest has.

  • Berrian Velfarren

    Berrian and his twin sister Analastra were born to nobility in the High Elven city of Mithrendain in the Feywild. Their father disappeared centuries ago when they were still in the cradle. They have scoured the Feywild and the mortal realms for the better …

  • The Autumn Nymphs

    These dryads are the spirits of the trees of the Whispering Grove. They are dangerous, mercurial, and beautiful. They know many secrets, but only share their knowledge with those who are willing to bare their secrets in return.