Tag: Human


  • Sgt. Daveed Gaunt

    Human officer who's been with the company for nearly 10 years. Joined around the time Maximillian left. !http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs17/f/2007/187/e/7/Mercenary_by_Nordheimer.jpg!

  • Tristan Avery

    The former captain of the Fallcrest guard, Avery was given the title of Lord Warden when the previous Lord Warden, Faren Markelhay, was killed by beastmen during the flight from Fallcrest. Well trained by the PCs, he was instrumental in the Battle of …

  • Sir Justin Melenikus

    !http://www.boardknight.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/silverblade.jpg! A high ranking and well respected Temple Knight dedicated to [[Bahamut]], Sir Justin is in charge of law and order in the city of Hammerfall. He currently has his hands full …

  • Phaledra Vesna

    Phaledra is a priestess of [[Erathis]]. She operates a small temple in [[Thunderspire]] known as the Temple of Hidden Light.

  • Terran

    Terran grew up in the wilderness around Hammerfall. He is a competent tracker and woodsman, and his travels have taken him through most of the Nentir Vale.

  • Ramne

    A frail old hermit in his 70s. He has dark skin and one eye is clouded with cataracts. Ramne is an old hermit who lives near Orlane. In the past he has provided the populace with a number of folk remedies, rarely venturing into town. Over the past year he …

  • Zacharias Ormond

    Zacharias Ormond is the mayor of the town of Orlane. A veteran of the War of Chains, Ormond does whatever he can to defend his people. Though no longer able to fight due to age and old wounds, Ormond is not above seeking the help he requires.

  • Cirilli Finla

    Cirilli was the daughter of [[Orlane]]'s blacksmith. When her family was kidnapped by the cult of the Reptile God, she and her mother resisted the naga's charm. She watched her father and two brothers feed her mother to crocodiles at the cult's behest. …

  • Baron Jonn Harken

    Only 17 years old, the 28th Baron Harken recently inherited his father's lands. His father denied aid to Hammerfall during the War of Chains, instead paying tribute to the House of Chains to spare his people further depredations. Keenly aware of the …

  • Niene

    Niene is one of the Mages of Saruun. She was sold out by one of her colleagues to the Bloodreaver goblin clan. They sold her to the Grimmerzhul duergar as a slave, where she was held as a prisoner for her arcane knowledge.

  • Paldemar

    Paldemar was one of the three Mages of Saruun, until one day while exploring the halls of Thunderspire, he found an ancient sealed laboratory that used to belong to the most powerful and feared wizards in the entire Turathi empire... the archlich Vecna. …

  • Kataryn Mulgrim

    Kataryn is the new human delegate to the Council of Elders of Hammerfall. She is Tristan Avery's hand-picked successor, a hard woman who was critical to organizing the siege defense of Hammerfall during the War of Chains. She is a master of logistics, and …

  • Lord Ernest Padraig

    Lord Padraig is a baron and lord-protector of the town of [[Winterhaven]]. A veteran of many battles, Lord Padraig has the heart of a true soldier, although his love of finery can obscure this. He is quick to anger, but equally quick to apologize.

  • Sir Vernon Oakley

    Descended from the original paladins who held Gardmore Abbey (somewhat scandalous as they were meant to be celibate), Sir Oakley was born in Winterhaven. At 13 he braved the journey from Winterhaven to the newly established temple in Hammerfall to train …

  • Valthrun the Prescient

    Valthrun the Prescient is a kindly sage who lives in the town of [[Winterhaven]]. He is gregarious and friendly despite a slight stammer. He is a regular at Wrafton's inn, always coming in with a book under his arm to read during dinner. Valthrun values …

  • Mattias Flagonside

    Mattias Flagonside is a captain of the guard in the city of Hammerfall, he was sent over to the town of Orlane by request of the mayor, and old friend, Zacharias Ormond. Mattias and his battalion had defended the town of Orlane many years ago from the …