Tag: Organization


  • Architects of Victory

    An order of mages and engineers who claim their knowledge dates back to Bael Turath. They create magical weapons for those who can afford their fee.

  • Devil's Teeth

    An elite mercenary band dating back to the days of Bael Turath. Known as the 13th Turathi Legion, and Those Who Piss Steel. h4. Current Roster h5. Officers [[:captain-tamagrim-bell | Captain Tamagrim Bell]] [[:lieutenant-varith-renz | Lieutenant …

  • Iron Circle

    The Iron Circle is a mercenary band lead by [[:captain-daveth-jaspar | Captain Daveth Jaspar]]. They number nearly 300 strong. They are a band of glorified bandits and thugs who notoriously lack discipline. They currently fight for the [[House of …

  • Red Scales

    The Brotherhood of the Red Scales is an order of assassins with chapter houses scattered around the continent, though their main base of operations is in the Arkhosian desert to the south. They have a strange code of honor and are known to be idealists, …