Tag: PC


  • Grimdark the Frostbitten

    Grimdark was still fairly young when the treaty Hammerfall and Gorizbadd was made and he was not happy in the least with it. Trained by the knights of Hammerfall, he was appalled at the idea that the political elite of Hammerfall would allow such a thing …

  • Julevive LeFae

    Born in Grayhaven to elven royalty, Julevive was thought lost when the forest was burned by the beastman horde. The princess was found by a dryad and raised in the depths of the forest. She was taught the ways of Primal magic and shapeshifting, and is …

  • Horc

    Horc was born in a small village that was frequented by beastman attacks. When he was still a child, the village was razed by beastmen, and he was only saved through the intervention of elves. The only relic left of his old village was a solitary helmet, …

  • Anva'alar

    Anva'alar was very young when [[Ashwood | Grayhaven]] was destroyed by beastmen. He was raised in Hammerfall for a short time, but has spent the last 20 years trying to learn magics to restore his childhood home.

  • Luen Ying

    A member of an affluent tiefling house, one day Luen Ying began to receive dreams from a strange source that came with offers of power. His family sent him off to Hammerfall to find his fortune because they knew that strange power ran in their bloodline, …

  • Terran

    Terran grew up in the wilderness around Hammerfall. He is a competent tracker and woodsman, and his travels have taken him through most of the Nentir Vale.