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  • Teristel Varthanas

    The elven delegate to the Council of Elders. Several centuries old. Former handmaiden to Queen Lenadriel Thaelis. She is the most conservative of the three council members, often advocating caution over action, appeasement over conflict. !http:// …

  • Tristan Avery

    The former captain of the Fallcrest guard, Avery was given the title of Lord Warden when the previous Lord Warden, Faren Markelhay, was killed by beastmen during the flight from Fallcrest. Well trained by the PCs, he was instrumental in the Battle of …

  • Kardek Iceshod

    The dwarven delegate chosen to replace [[:thoren-brighthammer | Thoren Brighthammer]] after his death. He is soft spoken, with a cold, calculating mind and an eye for profit. Despite his cool demeanor, is often hawkish, favoring radical ideas and action.

  • Kataryn Mulgrim

    Kataryn is the new human delegate to the Council of Elders of Hammerfall. She is Tristan Avery's hand-picked successor, a hard woman who was critical to organizing the siege defense of Hammerfall during the War of Chains. She is a master of logistics, and …