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  • Teristel Varthanas

    The elven delegate to the Council of Elders. Several centuries old. Former handmaiden to Queen Lenadriel Thaelis. She is the most conservative of the three council members, often advocating caution over action, appeasement over conflict. !http:// …

  • Julevive LeFae

    Born in Grayhaven to elven royalty, Julevive was thought lost when the forest was burned by the beastman horde. The princess was found by a dryad and raised in the depths of the forest. She was taught the ways of Primal magic and shapeshifting, and is …

  • Anva'alar

    Anva'alar was very young when [[Ashwood | Grayhaven]] was destroyed by beastmen. He was raised in Hammerfall for a short time, but has spent the last 20 years trying to learn magics to restore his childhood home.

  • Tahl and Sellion

    The Wood Elf brothers; Tahl and the younger Sellion have been on the road for as long as they can remember, never staying in one place too long until they happened upon a small secluded human village that welcomed them as one of their own. While out …