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  • Sgt. Boggin

    !http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2010/256/5/1/goblin_by_pervandr-d2yoydw.jpg! Goblin from Gorizbadd who wanted to see more of the world. Joined the company 10 years ago, and has a reputation as its best sapper.

  • Jareth Irontooth

    The hobgoblin leader of the Bone Spear tribe, one of the three major tribes inhabiting Gorizbadd. Main contact with the Devil's Teeth, determined to find the party responsible for killing his brethren.

  • Fang the Gray

    Fang once fought under the banner of Tanguz the Black. After witnessing much death in the destruction of Fallcrest and the siege of Hammerfast, he grew weary of bloodshed and longed for peace. He helped depose Hu Jat, the bloodthirsty hobgoblin leader of …

  • Gurmag Blackfist

    Gurmag Blackfist is a charismatic hobgoblin leader in [[Gorizbadd | Gorizbadd]]. He became chief of Gorizbadd after framing the envoys from Hammerfall for the poisoning of [[:fang-the-gray | Fang the Grey]]. Ally of the House of Chains, his reavers …