Tag: tiefling


  • Oberith Mishann

    Oberith leads the [[Thunderspire]] branch of the [[Architects of Victory]]. He is extremely impatient with those who he perceives as wasting his time... which is just about everybody since he considers anyone whose arcane abilities are lesser than his own …

  • Luen Ying

    A member of an affluent tiefling house, one day Luen Ying began to receive dreams from a strange source that came with offers of power. His family sent him off to Hammerfall to find his fortune because they knew that strange power ran in their bloodline, …

  • Karrik of House Moloch

    A towering knight in blackened armor, Karrik has been well trained in both weapons of war and dark magic. He is currently responsible for overseeing the Grim Legion's operations in the southern Nentir Vale.