The world is a dangerous place, full of dangers lurking just outside the walls of civilization. As you face the dangers of the Nentir Vale, this page will be updated with bits of lore about the creatures you defeat.


Beastmen are the footsoldiers of the demonic armies. They are the result of mixing demon blood with the mortal races of the world. If they capture you, they will butcher you, eat your flesh, and sew your skins into their clothing. And if you are very, very lucky, they will do it in that order.


Mortals are composed of three primary components of interest to necromancers: the body (corpus), the mind (mens), and the soul (animus). All undead are composed of at least two out of three of those components, though necromancers generally fashion a weak, artificial animus in the absence of the original, and nearly all undead have had their mind warped by the experience.


The Elemental Chaos, known as the Plane Below, is a realm of raw creation and destruction. The deeper into the earth you go, the thinner the veil between this world and that plane becomes, and the deepest tunnels of the Underdark invariably end in portals to that realm. Many strange and magical monsters hail from that anarchic place.


Faerie, the Plane of Dreams, lurks closer to the surface of this world than most scholars are comfortable admitting. The veil that separates the worlds can become thin in points, allowing creatures of pure nightmare to slip through.


At the heart of the Elemental Chaos, there is a hole. From this hole, there issues forth nothing but corruption and destruction. Creatures that fall into the Abyss become corrupted mockeries of themselves, known as demons. Demons are creatures of pure hate. They exist only to kill and destroy. They are capable of serving other creatures and can be somewhat controlled by competent arcanists, but their long term goal is always one of getting free and causing as much damage on a widespread scale as possible.


While demons are devoted to destruction, unfortunately that does not mean they do not create. The great demon lords of the Abyss do not sit idle in their realms. They turn their dark arts to fleshcrafting, forging living engines of destruction. The least, but most numerous of these are the beastmen, who are varied enough to get their own section. More powerful, more unique creations exist.


Dragons are the most naturally powerful mortal creatures in the world. They are apex predators that can consume almost anything. They will live forever unless slain, and a dragon only becomes larger and more powerful with age. Dragons may be bartered with, but they are universally avaricious, prideful, and dangerous, so extreme caution is advised.

Mythical Beasts

There are plenty of strange and fantastic beasts that roam the Nentir Vale. Of course they all want to kill you.


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