Campaign Themes

You Stand on the Bones of Empires
Over the millennia, many empires have risen and fallen into memory. The last was the great human empire of Nerath, which was struck a fatal blow by a rampaging horde of monstrous beastmen. Civilization is now scattered, with most of humanity crouching in dingy cities or cowering in fortified farms. There is a lot of wilderness between each town, and that wilderness is crawling with things that eat people.

The World Is Persistent, But Fragile
Your choices matter. Whatever happens in this game, happens. If your characters forge a new empire in this game, that empire will be there in every future game I run in this world. You have to clean up the messes that the previous group made. The next group will have to clean up the messes you make cleaning up the previous group’s mess.

The PCs are Heroes, But Heroes Die
I’m fairly permissive as far as DMs go. If you have a creative use for a power, or an idea for a cool stunt, I’ll probably let it work. You can generally expect to face steep odds and survive through creativity and teamwork. That said, challenge means nothing without consequence. That means that PCs can die through bad luck and poor tactics. If a really beloved character dies, there are ways to bring them back. But none of them are easy, and all of them have a price.

The World Is Yours to Shape
D&D is a game of collaborative storytelling. I’ve drawn the world in broad strokes, but you’re free to scribble in the margins if you’d like. If you have an idea for a world detail that you’d like to see in the game, I’ll almost certainly include it as long as it doesn’t contradict any previously established setting details or fall too outside of the game’s themes.

Campaign Themes

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