Gods of Civilization

  • Pelor, the Shining One. Lord of the Sun, Agriculture, Time, and Summer.
  • Erathis, Lady of Progress. Goddess of Civilization and Innovation.
  • Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon. Exemplar of Honor, Justice, and Nobility.
  • Bane, Lord of Conquest. God of War.
  • Moradin, the Shaper. God of Stone, the Forge, and the Hearth.
  • Tiamat, the Five-Headed Dragon. Goddess of Wealth, Commerce, Greed, and Vengeance.
  • Ioun, the Keeper. Goddess of Magic, Knowledge, and Prophecy.

Primal Gods

  • Kord, Stormlord. God of Thunder and Strength.
  • Melora, the Green Woman. Guardian of the Wilds and the Seas.
  • The Raven Queen, the Crowblack Empress. Mistress of Death, Fate, and Winter.
  • Avandra, the Trickster. Goddess of Change, Travel, Luck, and Freedom.

Fey Gods

  • Corellon, the Dancer. God of Spring, Dreams, and the Arts.
  • Sehanine, the Light in the Dark. Goddess of the Moon, Love, and Autumn.

Fallen Gods

  • Asmodeus, the Betrayer. King of Lies.
  • Lolth, the Demon Queen of Spiders.
  • Torog, the King that Crawls. Half-dead God of the Underdark and Suffering.
  • Vecna, the Archlich. God of Darkness and Secrets. Usurper of Zehir’s domain. Servant of Orcus.

Dead Gods

  • Zehir, Lord of Darkness. Ruler of the Night. Slain by Vecna.


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