Population: approx. 7,000 humans, 1,500 dwarves, 1,500 elves, and 500 assorted other races
The dwarven fortress of Hammerfast guarded the western pass of the Dawnforge Mountains for centuries, and in all its long years it had never been taken, until the brilliant hobgoblin general Tanguz the Black led his armies against it. However, that did not last for long before four unlikely heroes liberated it. When the town of Fallcrest was destroyed, refugees of men and elves took up refuge in Hammerfast, and there they stayed. They rechristened the city Hammerfall, to honor their fallen homes.

For a time the city prospered, and the Nentir Vale experienced peace and prosperity not seen since the fall of Nerath. After the War of Chains and the loss of Gorizbadd as an ally, the region has fallen into chaos once more.

Hammerfall is ruled by a Council of Elders made up of one delegate from each race, appointed however that race sees fit. The humans elect theirs, the dwarven appointment is hereditary, and the elven delegate just sort of showed up one day.

Current Council of Elders

Military Forces of Note

  • The Temple Knights of Moradin (less than 30)
  • The Devil’s Teeth (~50 elite mercenaries)
  • The Hammerfall Militia (~700 conscripts that can be called up in times of dire emergency)
  • ~150 elven archers
  • ~150 dwarvish siege engineers



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