House Rules

I use a number of house rules in my campaign. These are subject to change as I tinker with things for feel.

Alternate XP System

At the end of each session, each character is granted a base xp award of 1 xp per hour of the session. Then the following questions will be asked. Each ‘yes’ earns one bonus xp.

  • Did you learn something important about the world?
  • Did you overcome a notable challenge or enemy?
  • Did you find any particularly sweet loot?
  • Did you accomplish a worthy goal?

The DM is free to ask you to elaborate to justify the reward. Also, what qualifies as a notable challenge or sweet loot varies as you go up in level. Killing a few orcs and finding a handful of gold and gems would qualify at first level, not so much at 10th.

The amount of xp required to level up is as follows:

Level Total XP Required
1 0
2 6
3 13
4 27
5 43
6 61
7 81
8 103
9 127
10 151
11 175
12 200

And an additional 25 xp per level after 12, but I’ve never had a game get that high before so I’m not going to bother writing out the whole table.

Group Initiative

Instead of rolling initiative at the start of each fight, combat phases are divided into the Player Phase and the DM Phase. During the player phase, any PCs and any NPCs under the player’s direct control take their actions in whatever order they wish. During the DM phase, any other NPCs and any PCs controlled by the DM (because of charm, etc) act. Unless the PCs are surprised, the Player Phase happens first.


Short Rests are easy to come by. PCs may take a short rest by sitting and catching their breath for 5-10 minutes as long as they are out of danger. Long Rests, however, are much more restricted. A long rest requires that the party be in civilization (a village, town, or city) or an otherwise secluded sanctum (a remote farm, a druidic glen, a fortified tower, etc.). Rests take one week (or 2d6 days), and cost some amount of money depending on the character’s level. This cost represents the cost of food, lodging, medicine, maintaining equipment, and replenishing ammunition and spell components. It also represents money lost to activities necessary to improve morale, such as carousing, gifts to family or lovers, gambling, charity, and so on. The cost is shown in the table below. The cost is waived if the PCs own a stronghold and are resting there.

Level Cost per character
1-4 1d6 gp
5-10 1d6 x 5 gp
11-16 1d6 x 25 gp
17+ 1d6 x 100 gp

House Rules

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