Common Languages

Nerathi (Common)
The common tongue. Spoken by the fallen empire of Nerath. Bears a distinct resemblance to English. Your character knows this for free.

Turathi (Archaic Common)
Ancient language of Bael Turath. Mostly a dead language, but it is still read by scholars and magic users as many ancient texts of value are written in the language. Bears a distinct resemblance to Latin.

Sindar (Elvish)
Language of the elves. Shares an alphabet with the Eladrin tongue, though the two languages diverged over 5,000 years ago. Spoken in soft, lilting tones, it is favored by artists and poets among the mortal races.

Dethek (Dwarvish)
An old language spoken primarily by the people of stone, dwarves and goliaths. The language is hard and full of consonants, much like its people. Due to its rigid and unyielding nature, it is often used for legal documents and banking.

Ghukliak (Goblin)
A guttural language spoken by goblins, hobgoblins, and bugbears, as well as many other intelligent monsters that tend to ally with goblins.

Daraktan (Orcish)
A foul language, corrupted from Abyssal. It is spoken by most beastman tribes, such as gnolls and minotaurs. It has no written alphabet, but it can phonetically be written in dwarvish the easiest.

Cruachan (Undercommon)
Trade language spoken by many of the disparate denizens of the Underdark. It is written in a variant of the elvish script used by the drow, peppered with dwarvish, orcish, and abyssal phrases. It is mostly spoken by thieves and merchants who have regular contact with the Underdark.

Exotic Languages

Arkhosic (Draconic)
The language of magic. This language was spoken in the old Arkhosian empire and is kept alive by dragons today. Many spellcasters learn draconic as the language can naturally express arcane concepts more easily than most mortal tongues. As such, many magical treatises are written in draconic.

Eladrin (High Elvish/Fey)
The language spoken by the denizens of the Feywild. Occasionally studied by spellcasters who are interested in the strange and powerful magics of the fey. It is also spoken by some madmen, who are said to have a closer connection to the Plane of Dreams than most.

Jotun (Giant)
A distant dialect of the Primordial tongue, spoken by the giants of the Elemental Chaos and their slaves. It has its own script, which the dwarves derived their alphabet from.

The language of the Elemental Chaos. It was the first language, spoken by the shapers of reality, and many words still hold the power of creation. It is spoken by elementals, djinn, mephits, and the like. Many spellcasters learn primordial to aid in communicating with and binding such creatures.

The language of demons. It is a corruption of Primordial, warped by untold eons by the Heart of Corruption. Few mortals speak this tongue, and fewer still can read it, as the script causes physical pain to those who view it.

The language of the Astral Realms. This is the language of the gods and their servants. It cannot actually be spoken by mortals, but any living creature that hears it can understand it perfectly.


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