Season 6 Intro

Chapter 6

I see that look in your eye. Right now you’re asking yourself, “How did I end up in this situation.” It’s a good question. How did you end up captured by goblins, chained to a leaky wagon that doesn’t quite keep you dry from the downpour outside, and headed to the most notoriously brutal slavers guild on the continent?

Was it because the weak and broken armies of Hammerfall, mauled by a decade of war with the House of Chains, couldn’t protect the very hamlets that supply them with their food? Maybe that’s why your village was ransacked. You just got caught up in some military stratagem, a pawn in a war between two titans you could never hope to influence. You could blame them, sure.

Or, maybe you could blame the people who let the situation get this bad to begin with. The goblins didn’t always used to be our enemies. We had a truce with them, once. Even something approaching an alliance, though you kids are too young to remember that, I wager. Then some idiots let their leader get assassinated and now we’re fighting a war on two fronts. Then, those idiots took the dragon Tyristys, our only ace in the hole, and disappeared with her. Maybe you should blame them.

Maybe you should blame the gods? Perhaps you’ve sinned and great Pelor, or Bahamut, or Erathis withdrew their protection and allowed this to happen to you as punishment. Everyone loves to blame the gods, why not you too?

But no, the truth is much more simple. Hammerfall can’t protect everyone, the House of Chains has been slaving for decades, age old prejudices die hard and a few bumbling idiots can’t change that, and as for the gods? They’re either dead or don’t give a damn about us. So what’s the real answer?

You got unlucky. You were in the wrong place at the wrong time, and now you’re going to be degraded as someone’s servant, worked in a mine until your body breaks, or just used as fuel for a blood sacrifice to satiate the House of Chains’ demonic forces. That is, of course, unless you plan on doing something about it.

Because I see that other look in your eye. The look of a survivor.

Good luck.

- Horace the elder, two days before his death from exposure

Season 6 Intro

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