Population: ~1,000 humans

Winterhaven is a farming and trapping community in the northwest of the Nentir Vale. Once they had a thriving trading relationship with Fallcrest, but after the fall of the city, Winterhaven has been having a rougher time of it. Now they are plagued by goblin raiders from Gorizbadd and beastmen from Gardmore Abbey.

Places of Interest

1. Main Gate – guarded at all times

2. Wrafton’s Inn – Owned by a kind, grandmotherly figure named Salvana Wrafton, this spacious inn serves as Winterhaven’s public house and primary meeting place.

4. Stables

5. Smithy – The smith, a dwarf named Thair Coalstriker, keeps a supply of most simple weapons on hand. He is skilled enough to make more complex weapons and armor, though he will need time to make them.

6. Valthrun’s Tower – The home of the local hedge mage, Valthrun the Prescient. Though he has a couple tricks up his sleeve, Valthrun is closer to the town librarian than a battlemage.

7. Bairwin’s Grand Shoppe – The town’s general store. Buys and sells lots of furs and pelts. The proprietor, a halfling named Bairwin Wilderson, claims to have traveled the world (unlikely) and often will regale his customers with tales of his grand adventures (unlikelier). He will on rare occasions have a genuine magical curio or two for sale.

8. Warrior Guild – A man named Rond Kelfem leads the militia in Winterhaven, and he also owns and operates this school and training hall for any who would like to train in the art of combat.

10. Temple of Avandra – This modest temple, maintained by a nun named Sister Linora, serves as the town’s primary place of worship. The temple is mainly dedicated to Avandra, but it has smaller shrines devoted to Pelor, Moradin, Erathis, and the Raven Queen. Sister Linora is a skilled healer, but her remedies are all of the herbal variety. She does not know any magic.

11. Inner Gate – The gateway to Lord Padraig’s manor acts as a secondary line of defense. Lord Padraig always keeps the manor’s larder stocked should a siege arise.

14. Lord Padraig’s Manor


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