Character Classes

Martial Classes

These are the classes that rely only on their training and gear to fight.


Men and women who stand on the front lines. They rely on their armor and training to protect their comrades and deal out death to the enemy. Fighters can be knights, mercenaries, men-at-arms, or soldiers.


Backline skirmishers and swashbucklers. They rely on stealth and trickery to devastate their foes. Rogues are often thieves, pirates, assassins, and duelists.

Arcane Classes

Magic permeates the world, flooding in from the various planes of existence. Throughout history, the peoples of the world have learned to harness these energies to perform marvels that garner them a mixture of respect and fear. Spells are created when a soul is imbalanced in a particular pattern, allowing planar energy to be shaped according to the whims of the user.


Extremely talented and learned individuals who have learned to manipulate the shape of their own souls at will to channel arcane energy. Theoretically, anyone could become a wizard, just like anyone could become a doctor with enough education. Most do not. Back in the days of Nerath, wizards were trained at the Royal College of Magi in the White City. Now that the White City is a smoking ruin, most wizards are trained as apprentices by lone hedge mages. The amount of knowledge that has been lost since those days is incalculable.


There is a particular magic unique to song. Music can shape the soul, and bards are those individuals who have learned to shape their own souls with their music to create magic. Wizards look down on the art as amateurish, as it is limited compared to what a full wizard can achieve. But bardic spells have a subtle power of their own, and can create effects that full blown wizards often struggle to replicate, like healing.


These unusual souls do not learn magic – they are born with it. Something strange about a sorcerer’s birth grants them power, be it a bit of fae or dragon blood in their ancestry, or they were conceived during a planar convergence. These individuals often do not fully understand how they can do the things they do, and their magic can spin wildly out of control without proper training. But if they survive and somehow do not incinerate themselves, they can grow to become some of the most powerful mortals in the world.


Then there are those who require power, but do not have the time or patience for proper study. Those desperate souls can make a deal with a dark entity for power, be it a mad broken god, a capricious faerie, or a Prince of Hell. That entity carves off a piece of the warlock’s soul, shaping it to their whim and purpose, and implanting eldritch knowledge in return. These men and women are perhaps not the most powerful spellcasters, but they are perhaps the most dangerous. Here is a list of Warlock patrons available in the game.

Divine Classes

During the days of Nerath, the Divine Fires of the Astral Sea burned brightly in the cities of men. The gods were liberal with their favor, investing many with their power. Perhaps that is why so few prayers are answered today. Perhaps the gods’ power is mostly spent. Regardless, very few are granted divine favor in these dark days, and those who do receive it interpret their gifts in very different ways.


The gods’ instrument on earth. Or, at least that’s what they claim. No cleric has heard the voice of the gods in over 200 years, despite what they may say. Now, anyone can be imbued with the power of an Astral Fire and wield the power of the Divines. The few temples left standing try to guard their power jealously, and dole it out to only the most deserving and worthy, but they are only mortal, and many fall to corruption or doctrinal disputes. Ironically, those who have the power of the gods can be some of the least godly men and women on the planet.


The Temple Knights were a knightly order imbued with Astral Fire and charged with the protection of justice, dignity, and safeguarding the realms of men. Most of them were slaughtered and their temples were defiled when Nerath fell. There are only a couple dozen left, and their fire is dying. Someday soon it may gutter out completely.

Primal Classes

The world is a living place. It is located between the Astral Sea and the Elemental Chaos. It is where thought meets matter to create form. All that is has substance… and spirit. There are those who have learned to commune with these spirits. They have learned the ancient laws by which those spirits are bound, and they can call for their aid when needed.


Shamans and mystics, these reclusive souls are those who have the closest bond with the spirits of nature, and they teach many secrets. They can speak to the spirits of wind and rain to control the weather. They can speak to the spirits of earth and plants to shape the ground they walk on. And they can speak to the spirits of the animals, who have taught them the secrets of their forms.


Woodsmen and scouts, these men and women would be nearly indistinguishable from Fighters were it not for their connection to the land. They have spent enough time in the wilderness to learn its secrets. Much of their knowledge is mundane, but they tend to pick up enough magic through osmosis that it can be hard to tell if they are using spells for their mastery, or if they’re simply just that good.


The world has a spirit. The world is dying. The world is angry. Barbarians are those who are able to tap into that rage and channel it through their bodies. Most don’t understand that they are doing anything supernatural at all… most just think they’re people with exceptional anger management issues. They point them at the enemy and get out of their way. Barbarian is something of a misnomer… you can encounter a barbarian from the city, though they are not as common as those from the wilderness. The closer you are to nature, the easier it is to feel and channel the world’s immense pain.


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