House of Chains

An organization of slavers that rule and operate out of the city-state of Drudgehold. They command vast wealth and a large mercenary army to keep the traffic of flesh flowing. They are led by the twins, Ivor and Ivanna Salavolder, warlocks who command ancient pacts with demons to secure their power.

A war began between the House and Hammerfall when their scouting parties began taking people from the Harkenwold. Hammerfall responded by sending out the Temple Knights to destroy the scouts. The Salavolders do not like to be denied, and used their vast wealth to hire several mercenary companies to supplement the Grim Legion. They also made several blood sacrifices to bind several demons to serve as captains and living siege weapons.

Forces Available to the House of Chains

  • The Grim Legion (approximately 1,000 hardened slavetakers)
  • The Iron Circle Mercenary Company (the largest company in their service, a force of roughly 300 brigands, thieves, and rapists)
  • About 600 additional motley mercenary bands and pirates
  • 66 demons of various types

House of Chains

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