Raven Queen

Domains: Tempest, Grave
The Raven Queen is the Goddess of Death, Fate, and Winter, though she is not the original goddess of any of those. She was once a great sorceress, who became the consort of the cruel Death God Nerull. She seduced him, took his power, broke him, and sent his essence to whatever lies beyond the veil of the Shadowfell.

This was but the first of the Raven Queen’s victories. When the Winter Crone, Khala the Bloody, staged her rebellion against the gods of light, the Raven Queen was there to take her domain when the Summerlord slew her. When Lolth, the Weaver of Fate, was tainted and cast into the Abyss, the Raven Queen was there to steal her loom and her domain.

There are none who remember the mortal name of this fickle, dangerous goddess. She has hidden it, for it is said that her old name still holds power over her, and any who learn it would gain mastery of Death.

These tenets are sacred to the Raven Queen:

  • Death is mercy. Do not weep for those who die, for death is an end to suffering and the natural end of all things.
  • Destroy those who pervert the nature of death. Grave robbers and necromancers are both equally anathema to the Raven Queen.

Raven Queen

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